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Corporate Training

Specialised training for recruits for pre placement, placement and induction are provided across the industry segments. The major programs include:

Induction program

An comprehensive induction program at client venue or our training centres provides a comprehensive and complete famiralisation to new employee right from Mision, Vison , Value, organizational philosophy and beliefs. The program further goes to provide Roles, Responsibilty, reporting process and procedures, and familarisation with peer group and work atmosphere.

The program further elobrates on process procedure protocols for smooth entry and immediate efficacy for the team members. Requirment based Skill training across industry segment could be provided by industry professionals and experts. The Skill gap analysis and focused orientation of the content provides an uniformity of expectation and plan for performance.

Further need based attitudinal requirement in terms of Communication, presentation, and managerial skills provided through skilled Soft skill – attitudinal trainers to provide integration with existing teams

Sales Program

A process, procedure oriented and well placed, practical oriented program is highlight of TAKE programs. The sales program is handled by Sales professionals from various industry and walks of life. The milieu of trainers provides a very practical step by step process to sales and leaves participants with positive inclination to sales.

Customer Relationship (CR) Program

CR based programs are exclusively designed in consultation with client, a broader template is available for client to pick and choice the broader scope which is detailed below but not restricted to

  • Customer relationship
  • Customer Retention management
  • Cross Selling and Up Selling
  • Selling protocol and sales
  • Marketing as key to growth and progress
  • Service management and Sales for better business.


Further a large selection of programs are available for sufficient customization and program design for the requirement for the corporate

The generic contents available across the training segment are provided for larger understading of courses handled and provided for students and corporate.

Content of Programs

The generic contents available across the training segment are provided for larger understading of courses handled and provided for students and corporate. Click here for corporate training content.

Our Delivering Style

  • Experiential learning Methodology, and highly interactive
  • Focus on individuals empowerment in addition to corporate needs
  • Highly interactive sessions and with individual attention
  • Overall personality profiling provided, with emphasis on Etiquettes.

360 Degree Style

  • Specific and critical programs for function specific requirement are delivered with post training monitoring and efficiacy management.
  • Post program monitoring helps the participants remain oriented to concepts and requirements of the organization.
  • A detailed yet very effective and comprehensive monitoring excersise increases the efficacy of the program and enables organization orientation to deliver best ROI on the investment of time and money of the participants and the organsation

Operating Cities

TAKE enjoys accreditation across the cities of Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Trichy, Namakkal, Erode, Pondicherry, Cuddallore, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Krishnagiri and Chennai in Tamilnadu and extensively in state capitals of Kerela, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh.




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